Action Physiotherapy – enhancing the quality of your life.

At Action Physiotherapy our philosophy is that you should move well, feel good and enjoy life. We believe that in order to achieve this you need good health and mobility.

Our Lower Hutt and Whitby-based clinics are McKenzie Institute Certified and ACC Accredited. Our skilled Physiotherapists are experienced practitioners with a proven record of success in the treatment of injuries. You may have had an accident, a sporting injury, recent surgery or developed symptoms following unaccustomed activity. Sometimes there may be no apparent reason for the pain you are experiencing.

Our Physiotherapists work with you to alleviate your pain symptoms, improve your mobility and strength and restore your normal function. We tailor our treatments, producing custom programmes that help you reach your goals. We use exercise therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture and massage techniques when treating your symptoms. We also offer Group Pilates and Strengthening classes at our Whitby clinic.

Both the Lower Hutt and Whitby clinics are conveniently located, with plenty of parking, to assist with any Physiotherapy or Rehabilitation issues. We offer late night appointments to minimise your time away from work.