The Action Physiotherapy Vision and Values

Action Physiotherapy principals Jane and Alan Mugglestone both started their journeys in Physiotherapy over 40 years ago.

Our long and varied careers have included working in the health service in Nottingham, UK where excellent mentorship was on hand. Progressing to Superintendent Physiotherapists. Jane initially specialised in health care for the elderly, becoming a superintendent in a specialist Psycho-geriatric Hospital. As a mother, she subsequently helped develop a Musculoskeletal Private Practice in the UK. On relocating to New Zealand Jane continued her McKenzie journey becoming a Credentialled McKenzie therapist and also undertook Acupuncture training becoming a Registered Acupuncturist.

In the UK Alan progressed to Superintendent Physiotherapist of an Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre. In that role he also undertook research and won an award for a research paper at the World Conference in Physical Therapy in 1991.

Alan was the second English Physiotherapist to travel to New Zealand to study for the McKenzie Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment. After successfully achieving the Diploma he was invited to New Zealand in 1993 by Robin McKenzie to manage the then McKenzie Institute Clinics and to head a Chronic Low Back Pain Research Project funded by ACC.

Action Physiotherapy was started in Lower Hutt in 1995 and the McKenzie self-treatment philosophy has been at the core of the Action Physiotherapy approach. This has not precluded the use of traditional Physiotherapy treatments such as Manual Therapy and Acupuncture when appropriate.

The philosophy of continuous, never-ending development has been a cornerstone of Jane and Alan’s professional practice, and they enjoy their ongoing mentoring roles with their motivated team

Action Physiotherapy is a value-led business where the key philosophies are:

  • Caring – To approach everyone with empathy and understanding to help them through the challenge they face
  • Dignity – To respect the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of everyone we interact with and ensure that all information is securely managed.
  • Respect – To recognise our clients and our colleagues have diverse cultural and religious differences which we acknowledge and respect.
  • Striving – To mentor and develop our team professionally and in alignment with our values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide caring, educational, outcome-focussed and evidence-based Physiotherapy to the communities we serve. These include:

  • Our Clients.
  • Our Peers and Medical Colleagues.
  • The Business Community.
  • Our Funders.