Action Physiotherapy Group Limited

Action Physiotherapy is committed to promoting mutually beneficial working relationships. Over the past four years we have established successful relationships with local and national Industry, Sports Clubs and Associations, Private hospitals and Nursing homes.

Our physiotherapists provide a five day service to Lower Hutt for a full twelve hours per day. The Action Physiotherapy clinic has achieved certification under the Allied Health Services Sector Standard.

It is company policy that our team members are assisted and actively promoted to undertake post graduate education,  in particular the McKenzie Method, to keep abreast of the latest developments within physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Professional development is seen as the key to enabling us to constantly improve the service we provide.

Besides the McKenzie Method of assessment and treatment, Action Physiotherapy provides a  thorough bio-mechanical  assessment of musculo-skeletal problems. This may include neurological assessment, strength and muscle imbalance assessment including assessment of spinal stabilisation.

Following this initial assessment, Action Physiotherapy  provides to both employers and employees a detailed report and plan of:

  • The likely duration of injury,
  • The rehabilitation required,
  • The prevention strategies,
  • The recommended prophylactic exercise regime.